We provide a personalized resource report to help you and your loved ones navigate the arduous system of supporting an individual with special needs


As a parent of a now 26 year-old neurodiverse /special needs/exceptional son, we can tell you whole-heartedly that it has been (and continues to be) challenging finding resources and programs to support KM. From a very young age, we as parents often sense that something is just not sitting right – whether it is speech, sensory issues, fine or gross motor skills or something else – and then where do we turn?  First off, we likely start with a paediatrician whom will often brush it off  “He will catch up” ,”He is a boy, they develop slowly“ “The school will test him” etc.

If I had gone with my gut instinct, we would have received numerous years of speech therapy versus one session due to 1.5 year waitlist many, many years ago. Of course, we can now turn to the internet (not so in 1998!)  but that can be very overwhelming and a vortex of confusion.

I have started this consulting business with the hopes of helping other families navigate an arduous system of finding resources for  funding, programs, sports, school support and more.



My name is Michelle Oliveira. I am devoted mum of a 26 -year-old neurodiverse son, KM, and gifted daughter, EM;  experienced marketer, community leader and happily married wife to Kirk (33 years!).

I have always been told that I am a ‘connector’ – forever striving to help people meet people who can help them.

I am thrilled that this new business of mine gives me the chance to connect frustrated families with helpful people, services and organizations which only warms my heart.

 Being a parent is hard. Being a parent to a child with extra needs is extra hard.”


Step 1: A Consent to Disclose Personal Health Information form is completed

Step 2: The client is sent a short questionnaire to gather background on the situation and to identify key needs

Step 3: A phone consult is conducted  to discuss and elaborate on concerns and any further needs 

Step 4: A written report is provided which includes key personalized resources for your child or adult addressing their individual needs. Examples include potential funding sources, social skills concerns, education barriers, vocational needs as well as how to access the Disability Tax Credit (you can claim up to 10 years back), RDSPs (what you need to qualify), sports, activities, buddy groups and more

Step 5: Final phone call is conducted to review and discuss the report and next steps 

NOTE: This package is $1000 + HST with further consulting billed at $100 per hour


All Ages Unless Specified


NOTE: For those with lower incomes (would qualify for legal aid services), and an intellectual disability and/or acquired brain injury


Happy Clients 🙂