educational assessments

Marlene Marshall, OCT, is a 20 year veteran Special Education teacher available to help you understand assessments, guide the creation and implementation of IEPs, attend IPRC meetings and any other support you may need

FREE 30 MINUTE CONSULT –  Further services available after that at $100/ hr + HST:

  • Further interpretation and understanding of psycho-educational assessments – minimum of two hours
  • Guidance and input on Individual Education Plan (IEP) development/review – minimum of two and half hours
  • Navigating the Identification Placement Review Committee (IPRC) process – minimum of two hours
  • Assistance with recommendations for resources and service providers (psychologists, therapists, OTs, PTs, SLPs, etc.) – minimum of two hours
  • Participation in school meetings -minimum of two hours + travel time
  • Youth mental health information and community programs-minimum of one and a half hours
  • Assistance in filling out paperwork which includes and not limited to; IEP consultation letters, paperwork for paraprofessionals – minimum one and a half hours
  • Assistance in understanding special education jargon – minimum one and a half hours
  • Advocacy skills for parents and/or students – minimum one hour
  • Explaining what my child should be receiving at school as stated on the IEP, eg. a student needs to be with the special education teacher for a certain amount of time according to the IEP and they aren’t receiving that, what to do next – minimum one and a half hours
  • Explaining what students are possibly entitled to based on the IEP and psych. report and/or paraprofessionals- minimum one and a half hours

Please reach out to us at to discuss further and/or connect you with Marlene Marshall (credentials here)